EcoFlow system help with Domestic Solar

I am not sure if someone can help but I’m desperate! I’ve got a existing solar array on FIT tariff so can’t change it. Its panels connected to a Inverter then generation meter then feeds into the house and then into the smart meter to see export of what I haven’t used. I have recently had EcoFlow Delta Pro with Smart Home Panel installed and I thought it would be smart enough to be set to only charge the amount of electricity that is the panels were producing like normal home battery system but it doesn’t!

Basically the installer says it can only ‘see’ the electricity coming in to charge from the smart home panel which comes from the electrical board. So it can’t tell whether its coming from grid or panels. So at the moment I can only control the charge manually (in 100w increments) when I look at my In Home Display telling me how much solar is being exported to grid. Obviously that’s completely impractical.

I am wondering if any of these systems can automatically integrate into the solar array and Smart Home Panel either from a hardware or software solution? Fingers crossed some genius is reading this who knows how to solve it. Thanks for any advice you can give even if it’s signposting me to somewhere or someone else who might be able to help.

Heres a link for the product:

Welcome, @Maxctran to the forum. I’m afraid you’re going to upset us by cross-posting, I’ve moved the link to your equipment here, and I’m deleting your recently posted copy of the above.

I looks as if nobody knows anything about what you have or want to do.

I don’t have the time to do any research for you, if you can find out how the information is transferred, this might give some clues about how to proceed. You could always explain your problem to a different installer - it might be that the one you chose only knows of one way to do it - or it might be that there is only one way to do it.

The other way that might be: can you send (how?) the information equivalent to the manual control that you’re operating? If that is indeed possible, then by independently measuring the correct quantities, it might be feasible (and I’m no expert in this field) to send the appropriate command to the “Smart” panel.

Sorry I just realised that it might have got more relevant people seeing it in the specific forum. I should have deleted the original post. The control of charge rate is for the EcoFlow Delta Pro Batteries/Smart Home Panel are controlled via a basic android app where you can switch and schedule the circuits to either run on grid or batteries and I have to manually change the charge rate like belows screenshot

I want something either software or hardware that can take the data from in home display unit and change the charge speed in the EcoFlow app.