Easiest way of reading a single digital input with EmonPi?

I would like to interface a single digital input (open-collector opto) with an EmonPi (original version) so I can track a boiler status signal in Emoncms.

The pulse input would seem to be an obvious candidate as I am not using it for anything else, but I’d need to capture the logic level of the input and include it in the data.

Any suggestions of ways to achieve what I am after?

The pulse interfacer, is just that, it detects a pulse.

I suggest you may need to create your own interfacer that returns the current level, I don’t think there is one there.

If you have an OK knowledge of Python, it is reasonably simple.

That’s pretty opaque. Where to look for “interfacers”in the large pile of Emonpi software?

Easiest solution for me is to use the custom firmware I have already done for an extra EmonTh, but the Emonpi lives in the boiler cupboard, so I didn’t want to add more hardware just to look at one signal.

Fount them. That’s way too complicated for my level of python skills and requires an in-depth knowledge of the emonhub architecture.

I’ll use my plan B with an EmonTH.