Doubts regarding micro converter WVC-700


I plan to have a small solar system (Balkonkraftwerk) that I can monitor in my home net (without cloud). The topic is quite new for me so maybe you can help me out with some advice.

I‘m in germany, that means 240V (or 3 phases, 400V), the system can provide up to 600W and needs a certificate to conform to safety regulations to be legal. E.g. it needs to cut power immediately if unplugged.
If regulations change, it should be easy to add a bit more power, e.g. by adding converters to the other phases?

Looks like the micro converter WVC-700 with up to 2*300W panels could fit the bill?
Are there other options I could check?

There seem to be many versions out, like R2, R3, gen5. Should I care? E.g. due to reliability, cooling, cert, open source support, ease of access to the monitoring data?

Also there are 3 variants (app, 433, modem). I guess 433 is what I need?

Then, if I understood correctly, in addition I would need a HC-12 connected to an rpi, openwrt router or ESP8266 or ESP32? (all familiar to me, would choose what is „supported“ best). Or would an rflink or sonoff rf that I already have work as well, to relay the 433 data into my network?

Finally, I‘d like to be able to disconnect the panels in emergencies. Any switches you can recommend for these rather high DC currents?

In case it matters: bash scripting, python, c++ to adapt something is no problem. Currently I use domoticz, influx/grafana, tasmota and own firmware e.g. for various lora sensor nodes for iot/monitoring.

lots of questions, hope you don’t mind.