Don't understand input and feeds, is this right?


I am new to OpenEnergyMonitor.

I tried to make for, for example, solar energie (Zon) an input / feed for current Watts, daily Kwh and a total Kwh with a starting value (Zon Totaal)…
For that last one I thought I could insert a “+” with the starting value but I don’t see the result in the feed (see images):

Is this the right way to do it?

Edit: I see now that getting a initial value this way is wrong. Every pulse will added with this value.
But how can I set an initial value so couning pulses wil start from there?

Thanks in advance.

You can use the input api to manually input the values of your choice from a browser, see the input api help

I have found a nice solution:

I made a feed that accumulates the solar Kwh.
Then I made a new input with my browser::“initial_value”.
Then I made a proces in input 99 that overwrites my accumulated feed of my Solar.
I delete input 99 now and from now on my accumulated feed shows the actual (corrected) value.