Dongle/SIM phone number

Is it possible to work backwards to find the phone number of the dongle attached to the EmonPi which sends data to EmonCMS? With lockdown I’ve not been able visit my work desk which has the phone number for it and it needs the data topped up. My desk and the monitoring location are not local to me and as ridiculous as it sounds I don’t have the phone number to the SIM/dongle written down anywhere else but at my desk.

I’ve had a look through various parts of EmonCMS without success.

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I’ll bet you didn’t see this one coming. :worried:

I take it your dongle is plugged in to the USB port. Do you have any details for it? If you have, it should be possible to get details of how to “suck its brains” using either the emonPi or by plugging it into a laptop, but without that, I think it’s only your Mobile provider will have that number - and that’s only if the dongle is registered to you or work. Most mobile providers will let you top up anybody’s phone, so passwords/PINs shouldn’t be problem.

Thanks for replying. Dongle in the USB of EmonPi and I have no details. The dongle isn’t registered with the mobile company, just the PAYG SIM that’s in it. Lacking the phone number and/or SIM number it seems there isn’t really much I can do. Unless someone knows a method of finding the phone number EmonCMS is receiving the data from - but I’m sure the word simple doesn’t apply here.

Just to be clear, the SMI, dongle and emonPi are all with you and accessible? That’s the impression I got from your initial post, but is it correct, or are they elsewhere and inaccessible? Where is emonCMS - do you mean a ‘local’ one on an emonPi or NAS, or

Have you tried the mobile company’s help desk?

I was referring to the fact that I cannot travel to the location to get the dongle or to my desk to get the phone number - both places are closed.
I don’t have the details for the SIM card so there would be no point speaking with the mobile provider.
Sorry for confusion over original post.