Domoticz, OpenHAB, Home Assistant... which integrates best with Open Energy Monitor/ emonCMS?

I’m looking at beginning my forays into raspberryPI and arduino with temperature logging. Once I get that working, my plan is to move on to PV/electricity/gas/water usage monitoring. Finally, I’ll move onto home automation. Open Energy Monitor looks like a great option for the first two stages. But wondering if anyone has opinions on which home automation software integrates with oem/emonCMS the best?

openHAB is built into the emonSD / emonPi as standard and comes ready configured:

I have tested home assistant: Home Assistant and emonPi - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor

Any platform that supports MQTT will work. Posting to can be done via MQTT.

I’m a diehard Domoticz fan & I’ll be reading up on the MQTT component, ASAP :slight_smile: