Does the SCOP figure on this site include DHW or is it just for space heating?

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I have had a 5 kW Vaillant Arotherm Plus heat pump installed since August 2021 and have achieved a SCOP of 3.5 in both heating seasons. But my PassivSystems monitoring doesn’t allow me to easily separate DHW use from space heating use. I have looked at the awesome SCOPs achieved on this site and I just wondered whether these figure of 4 and above included DHW, or were just for space heating only?

Does anybody know?


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The ones that have DHW do include that in the SCOP as the system cannot yet differentiate to record separately.
To me it seems that all systems have DHW apart from 4+1

If you open the systems and look at the graphs you will notice the DHW cycles


Vinny: Thank you :slight_smile:
Question answered!


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We have a Arotherm thread here. :grinning:

Thanks Mick: It’s a little overwhelming here: so many options. My intention is just to see what people are up to and try and learn how to operate teh heat pump better.

We’re just about to have our first cold night so it feels like were getting into ‘heat pump season’.

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