Does anyone use a Solis inverter / Ginlong wifi stick

Having great trouble getting these things to talk to the dreadful Ginlong Home iOS app, so that I can see (almost) realtime solar generation.

I am able to sign in and see my “generation plant” on the web portal, but whilst the site details are correct, the production data is seemingly not.


Sorry - not sure what happened with the typing there … what it should have said is …

Does anyone have a Ginlong / Solis inverter, couple to a Ginlong wifi data logger?

I have managed to set up the data logger OK, and can communicate with it on my WLAN. I have also set up an account, c/w my “Plant”'s details on . But I can’t get the data logger to upload any data. It is supposed to do so every 6 minutes.

I therefore have two out of three sides on a comms triangle, but can’t add the third.