Documentation of fields


I’ve looked at emonCMS user guide — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation and I don’t see documentation for the fields supported by the system (input/feed API)?

Can arbitrary fields be added?

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Emoncms will accept any numerical input. If formatted correctly it will appear on the Inputs page. There is a concept of ‘Nodes’ here - goes way back to when it just accepted data from the OEM equipment - each one was a node. Now is is just a subdivision of the data (so all my ‘sensor’ data from HomeAssistant comes in under a node sensor).

You then create Feeds from those Inputs - effectively sampling the input data for storage, usually at a fixed interval, into a TimeSeries database (actually a flat file).

These feeds can then be edited to set things like the Units (Celsius, kWh etc).

For other aspects of the API, when installed there is a help link at the top right (and no this hasn’t made it to the docs).


Txs, nice that the system is so extensible!

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