Documentation change log

This topic is intended as a documentation change log for re-organisations, changes of location and significant content changes.

September 2021

  • New Learn page on using multiple diverters:
    Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

  • Update list of required libraries for use with the Arduino IDE:

  • Updated heat pump application guide to include new Pi based heat pump monitoring development board and video on heat pump dashboard. Associated documentation on the heatpumpmonitor github repository has also been restructured with documentation improvements ongoing.

August 2021

  • Emoncms import/backup and upgrade documentation reorganised to remove duplication.

January 2021

  • New Learn page on how to use the FTDI programmer (sold in the shop from January, 2021, onwards):
    Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

  • New consolidated page in Learn on how to use the Wicked Device / OpenEnergyMonitor programmer (sold in the shop prior to January, 2021):
    Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

October 2019

September 2019

  • New ‘Learn’ article: why can’t we use a single transformer to supply the power to an Arduino and to monitor the voltage? -
    Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

February 2019

December 2018

  • Other Utilities: Added new section to accommodate other utilities and applications not primarily concerned with electricity monitoring - Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor.

June 2018

May 2018

  • Added I.S. Barrier & Optical Pulse Counter for Gas Meter to Learn | Electricity Monitoring | Pulse Counting, see Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

September 2017

July 2017

  • Emoncms readme: Reference to locations of emoncms input process descriptions [commit]