Docker install

Hi all

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and noticed a few things have progressed.

I have started noticing that I am beginning to suffer the effects of hard drive failure with bad blocks showing up on the machine that I host my old local copy of emoncms on.

Given what’s happened with VMware, my aging hardware and my new role as a devOps engineer I have decided to take on the task of getting it all containerised following as close to a best practice as I can.

I will be adding my solution to GitHub shortly, but got

*Emoncms in an php-apache container running mqtt service runner and redis service runner
*Mariadb container
*Redis container
*Mqtt container

Tonight will be working on emonhub and pushing initial commit up

Happy to discuss how it works, ideas and suggestions etc with anyone interested.

Will add a guide to install in due course and keep this thread updated.


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