Docker install including Apps module

Looking to get the APPS (MySolar) that are available in the PI verison to install inside the docker contianer, I did try to modify the dockerfile but guessing I didnt do correctly, anybody able to help with this?

Reason for a Docker is that this is then a wired connection rather than the slow wifi from the PI (location bound) once this is working I will add another feed from a second solar array on the garage which is currently unmonitored.

Hi @John_Fitton,

Sure, you can just add the following lines to the Dockerfile to clone in the apps module:

RUN git clone /var/www/html/Modules/graph/app

In fact since this is a good suggestion I have modified the Dockerfile myself to include the app module

You will need to pull in the changes then rebuild the container:

git pull
docker-compose build
docker-compose up

I was misisng the graph in my guess at the path, having followed the steps to update I am now faced with
Database error, you may need to run database update…

Guess I need to clear down the containers, unless there is a quick way to remove the database and rebuild it.

Removed the image, containers and volumes rebuilt and all is GOOD - Thanks.

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There is a big difference in the modules installed in the docker version to the Pi, is there a reason for this?
On docker I have
Modules Administration | App v1.2.0 | Dashboard v1.3.1 | EventProcesses | Feed | Graph v1.2.1 | Input | CoreProcess | Schedule | Time | User | Visualisation

EmonPi I have
Administration | App v1.2.0 | Backup v1.1.6 | EmonHub Config v1.0.0 | Dashboard v1.3.1 | Device v1.2.0 | EventProcesses | Feed | Graph v1.2.1 | Input | Postprocess v1.0.0 | CoreProcess | Schedule | Network Setup v1.0.0 | sync | Time | User | Visualisation | WiFi v1.3.0

Reason for asking is was looking to make use of the Sync module to send dashboard/feeds etc, which on the emonpi this seems ot connect and upload but the items are not seen on the docker install.