Do you guys have / use any logos

Hey guys,

I’m still working on the plugin for home assistant to display feed values in home assistant. I’m also working on the documentation of the plugin and as part of the documentation it is possible to add a logo. Like you can see on this page for example

I was wondering if you guys have any official logo to use and if any if you had any specifically for emoncms itselve ?

if there aren’t any yet is it something to be considerd to do ?

can i use for example the one used on this forum ? or do you have a place where i can download them ?

I took the logo from these forums from emoncms i think it looks ok. This would be the result :

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That is the correct logo for emoncms. You can also find a copy of it on GitHub: (more than one size here). If you need more sizes or the design file I’m happy to have a look for you.

Thanks, i replaced the logo with your official one from github.

It also looks better especially on the details page of the sensor as you can see below

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