wow! That looks really good. I am planning to make a tree 6p13s packs. If that works well, I’ll make another 3x 6p13s config. As the cabling is a lot of unnecessary work and the stacking looks really good, I’m wondering if we can make a stackable version that automatically connects Data between the stacked modules. Even more helpful would be if one of the battery contacts could also be passed between the stacked modules, so that we’d only need one contact/plug for each cell in series :slight_smile:

Just to repeat what’s been mentioned before, the modules are designed to be as near to the cells as possible, using short power wires to keep resistance low.

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Is there a difference between the software version v2020.11.02 and v2020.12.16?

No, I’ve been experimenting with github actions to automatically build the code and release it - this was just an example/test. There are major code changes coming soon though.

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Hello Stuart, at first thanks a lot for your work. I use your BMS since 3 months with an 48V 200Ah Bank without Problems. Since i have changed the Power inverter i have problems with the communications of the controller with the modules. During the measering with an oscilloscope, i have killed the controller. Now i load the last version from github to the new controller and the controller starts up, i can connect with him, but it doesnt show the menu to set the SSID Name and password. I only see a white screen under the adress He outofill /softap.htm behind and nothing is visible on the page. I`ve checked it with different controllers.

I bet you didn’t upload the file system image?

Many thanks, this was the problem. I have never known, that this must be done. I have a complete new installation oft the Visual Studio Software…

Have you seen the YouTube videos I did explaining how to program the controllers using VS Code ?

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hi stuart
ive seen your new prototype controller with display

my question is
i have a sma sunny island it can comunicate via canbus with bms.
does it mean the new controller you building can comunicate with my inverter?
or are there different can bus protocols?


@stuart or anyone

i’m trying to implement current monitoring to my diybmsv4 … i’ve only found 1 in depth video on how to kinda do this with the ACS712.

does anyone know of a "tutorial " on this?

Stuart is working on a current monitoring solution but it’s not ready yet. I think you’ll need to implement something standalone.

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Well its been about 2-3 weeks now using the BMS and glad to report not many issues. I installed the modules to the sides of my 280ah LiFePO4 batteries and really the only issue I had was packet loss. Twisting the data wires from the 1st and last modules to the controller took care of the issue.

I did have programming and communication problems along the way all of which were a result of dry solder joints on the ATTINY or a header pin.

All in all very satisfied with the results. Would like to thank Stuart again for putting in the work to make this possible for all of us without the knowledge to do so on our own.


where U see that ?

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