DIYBMS V4.50 maximum parameters

Hi all,
thanks to Stuart for his great work
I want to try to test the battery with either high voltage or high cell capacity and I would like to ask how many modules can be connected in series in reality (what is the maximum voltage for the entire assembly). And what is the maximum cell capacity suitable for the module (or how should it be calculated correctly)?

Of course, I will have to modify the current shunt to work with an external source in a high voltage circuit. (85-90Vmax for buck)

I am running 288v right now in my battery pack (72 modules v4.4 and 1 controller v4), my controller can handle 128 modules in series, I was planning on running 800v and have bought 200 modules to reach 800v if I were to use all of them in one pack. There is a limit to how many modules a controller can have (128 on version 4), but there is nothing stopping you from using several controllers to get to higher voltages.

Unlimited, the limit as I see it is the balancing, but if more is needed just add more modules in parallel.

Unlimited, 128 cells per controller, just add as many controllers as you need to reach the voltage you need.