DIYBMS V4.4 boards + Controller board. EU - now SOLD

I have decommissioned my 18650 Battery and have now 16 V4.4 module boards and 1 controller board for sale.

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See pictures. All was working perfectly fine for around half a year, before put out of operation
because I have switched to LiFePo4. If someone interested, please let me know. I will gladly hand over those modules for the parts price. The delivery within Germany and also EU possible. The display for the controller board is one size bigger, than required (wrong order =)) ) but it could be installed on extended pins or on wires.

Hi, are these still for sale?

I only need 6 modules (5 really, just to have a spare :slight_smile: ) and have no interest in the LCD.

Are you interested in selling 6 of the modules and the monitor board only? I am happy to put in some beer money as well :slight_smile:

I am in Ireland and will pay for postage.


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Yes, we can do it.
Please make me a price offer, which you consider reasonable, and I will check the delivery costs.

6 modules and controller board is sold.
8 modules are left for sale


Let me know how much for the 8 remaining V4.4 modules, shipped to USA, zip 67443-8869. I can pay using PayPal.


Hi Billy,

I have replied you in PM.

Best regards

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