DIYBMS v4.4 3 X 16S Integrated board

For sale, for having passed to modules V 4.5:

Integration system of 16 DIYBMS V4.4 modules on a single board.
With ventilation support and heatsinks on the resistances.
The maximum speed at which the modules communicate with the 5K controller.
Sufficient for a system of up to 48 cells.
Wiring kit for cell connectors (32 cells 2 x 16)
Wiring kit for connectors with thermistors (temp Cell) (32 cells 2x 16)
Ideal for a 36-cell system and having a spare board, in case any component breaks down, replace the 16-cell set quickly.
Some spare Attiny are supplied and also some AZ432AN (LCSC ref C84139).
Alternatively, the V4.4 modules can be supplied separately with the classic connectors, if in the end no one is interested in the 16 V 4.4 modules.

Set €432 (€9 per cell)
(one of the boards lacks heatsinks)