diyBMS reflashed but now can't connect

I needed to change the network my diyBMS is connected to and so I reflashed it to reset everything and get it to start in AP mode.

I can see its network and connect to it but browsing to won’t connect, it just times out.

Please can someone tell me what I am missing?



Did you also “upload file system image” ?

Some Android phones/devices won’t connect to the access point if mobile data is also switched on, turn that off if first if that is the problem.

Replying to myself here.

Today it’s working. I don’t know why but it’s fine.




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Yes, I had uploaded the system image. I really don’t know what I did differently.

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I’m also having this issue. I Did an erase flash option, then reinstalled the build and then the file system image. I can then connect but it still times out and then it disappears until I wipe it and install it again.

Excatly the same here. Did you find a solution @jessejames?

Solution found: after entering router/password the SSID broadcast stops, controller boards collects a DHCP IP address from router and you have to connect your computer/mobile to the new IP address to see DiyBMS data.