diyBMS on 12V LiFePo4 Camper Car usage

Hi, i found the diyBMS system with high potentian on a new conception of batery for a mobile home, camper car, boats or similar small home sistems. Tipically this type of smart homes were build with an standar car 12v batery. With the incoming LiFePo4 cells on electric cars, the caracteristics of security bringth new perpespectives of electicity management, with similar space, but less heigth, and more Ampere capacity, the build of diy bateries are now in the eye of everybody. They are buildis similar to old automotive type bateries but, i re-thing what is a smart home needs anf how it simplies can be build and usage and i found that these type of bateries are perfect for a better solution of needes instead of copy old automotive style batery. With diyBMS management system we can easily manage in and out loads in a two relay system that can make the self-management of electric power of whole home. Also we can monitor every single conection of electric needs to obtain data, not only of batery cells, but also all the consumption of out conected appliances like, fridge, heat, inverter, ligth, and more. This is very important because you can manage this data to optimice your use of appliance and win more autonomy days, especially on cloudy days when loads changers, like solar system, can not be enougth.

Instead we imagine two poles batery, we must thing about needs conection electric system. With this diy system we can avoid a lof of old components used in adition of automotive old bateries.

Mostly of project are naturally on diyBMS, but i need a multi shunt system to can manage a real consuption per appliance. My first idea was a simple sytem who ciclically monitor to a central diySHUNT an store data on a database. But this is the idea that creates most doubts. I made a draw focused in the idea, not in real diagram, for show you to find ideas, improvements or any suggestion to finish whits project on i work a lot of months.

Thank you!