Diybms - Logging function?

Hi there,

On my lfp 16s setup, i am slowly top balancing. Cells are at 3.35v and i am charging the 16s pack with 0.5amp. All cells are even at about 15mV.

After several hours, bms trips with no obvious reason. Cells still even at about 3.35v…

Any way to find out the reason for bms tripping… log-file?


You will need a MQTT or InfluxDB server to data log the battery voltage, you will notice the setup details on the Integration tab of the controller

Thx, already running influxdb and grafana… will have a closer look into it!

I have found ALL cells at absolutely 0v (when i zoom in, i can see it) for a short period of time which looks like some kind of reading failure…!

Any ideas on how this can happen?

I have disabled undervoltage control on cell and pack level and now there is no more tripping of the relay…

In the meantime i only have charged cells with 0.5amp for balancing, no discharging at this time.

How can that happen? Any ideas?

Finally undervoltage control on cell level can be activated. Undervoltage control on pack level triggers tripping of pulse relay for no obvious reason on every startup and especially under operation.

Seems that there is some kind of software issue.

In the meantime i have confirmed this issue with two more controllerboards on other packs…

Now, when relay trips, it falls of after just a second and everything is fine.