DiyBMS Controllers v4.6 (UK) - All sold

I have 3 extra boards that have all the surface mounted components except the INA229.
I am based in the UK.
£25 each plus P+P.
£5 extra if you want the din rail mounting base.

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I could also fully populate this and supply with a screen and ESP if it helps out anyone who isn’t confident soldering etc.

Hi I’m interested if a full populated board what is the complet costs

do you have any friends going to europe? I really would like one but it will be spending the holidays in customs and i would not see it in my hands before 2024…

Hi Goran. Cost would be £70 plus postage.
That includes everything, INA229, ESP32, LCD screen. I will program the ESP too.



I may be going to Poland, but probably after christmas,

we’ll talk then if i don’t get a controller before that

Perhaps you guys can club together and do your own purchase of pcbs and split costs.
I already had one previous model board, but wanted a spare in case anything goes wrong, So I ordered 5 of the new version. So I will replace the old and keep 1 as spare. It’s probably worthwile doing the same yourselves.



Ok I’m in Austria how can I send you the money and the shipping adress

One sold to Goran, many thanks.
The others will be sold as complete units complete with the INA229 which I have now soldered on.
Prices are £50 for the board without screen and ESP or £70 for everything plus P&P.
P&P to Europe is around £10. (International Tracked and Signed).
P&P to UK is about £5. (Tracked and Signed).

2nd one now sold to
Konrad Ostrowski

Many Thanks

Hi Marc
If you are still interested It only took 11 days for Goran to receive his board in Austria.


I would like to purchase your one remaining diybms controller.
Not sure how to arrange that as new to forum and not worked out if I can DM anyone yet!

Can you message me so I can arrange payment and forward my address?

Two ways: this and the post below it.

(Even if you couldn’t, you should be able to now - I’ve promoted you.)

Thanks very much to everyone who has bought one.

All 3 now sold. Last one to David