DIYBMS Case? Holder? Din rail mount?

Does anyone have a 3d model for a case, or holder, or din rail mount for the diybms? I saw briefly a base in one of Stuart’s videos but could not seem to find the model anywhere. I would like to have a couple 3d printed.

To hold the controller board.



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To DIN rail mount my controller I’ve use the matching mounts originally designed by Voron team for Voron 2.4 3d printer - Fysetc controller (same 80mm hole pattern).

You will need:
1x controller bracket
2x PCB DIN clip

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Here is a DIN base for Diy BMS that I made. Needs 4x m3 x 8mm capheads, 4x m3 x 10mm capheads and 8x m3 nuts.

The Din clip needs to be printed normal for the LHS and Mirrored for the RHS.