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diyBMS boards for sale (Europe)

Hi, i don’t want to buy 5 boards like i did for the old controller and if we had a topic (for each continent) here in the community where we can buy surplus or organize group buy there would not be ebay sellers making profit from stuart’s work.
Also we can reduce waste in the world right?

So starting with me, who has new controller boards and shunts for sale?
I still have 3 built old controller boards, a few wemos d1 and a few pro’s with antenna plug.
A ton of surplus components from building my v4 modules.
Located in portugal.

You are aware that we already have Community Marketplace - OpenEnergyMonitor Community, with the sub-topic For Sale - OpenEnergyMonitor Community?

sorry i had no idea i usually only hang out here because i don’t have any of the emon stuff, still no groupbuy or any of the diybms stuff in there so what is everyone doing with their extra components/boards?