DIY EVSE kit but with non-tethered box

Hi, I justed wanted to see if I’ve missed something, if I wanted to build a DIY kit but have a non-tethered box, these are the only components I would need.

OpenEVSE V5 Controller PCB + cable
OpenEVSE Display - RGB Color LCD v2 + Temperature
OpenEVSE WiFi Gateway
Enclosure & Socket only - Non-tethered Type 2 (IEC 62196
Total 315.86

Normal DIY kit with Wifi 332.68

Yes, that’s correct. However I would highly recommend adding sensors for monitoring energy and current leakage detection:

And a type B RCD for installation

Note: an earth rod is also required for UK installation, recomend to check requirements on your local area and consult an electrician.

Brilliant Glyn thanks for that info. I hadn’t realised that these monitoring clamps were an option or required. I need to do a bit more reading.
I already have a solar monitor so I’ll use Node Red to read the json and update the MQTT topic. All part of the DIY fun.

I had assumed an RCD would be needed but I need to have a chat with our leccy as he has already added a new earth rod when he did his tests after he put in the cable to the garage.
Hopefully he will not have to run an additional cable from the main consumer unit but I thinks the regs means he will.

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