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DIY Energy Monitoring System

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Hi everyone,

I have some questions about an energy monitoring system. I want to build one myself, without buying anything from this store. Instead of ct sensors and Arduino, I would like to use a Tp-link HS 110 socket and a Raspberry. My question is if I can use resources from here. For example, can I use a regular SDcard to make my own emonSD or can I use emonCMS for what I want (having the possibility to develop the application by adding other functions)? Has anyone done anything similar or is there someone who can help me with some ideas or a starting point?

Thank you!

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Yes, you can do what you want. I have an emoncms system running on a pi (an emonBase I bought from the shop as it happens). One of the inputs to that system is from a perl script I wrote that is running on the same pi. It posts the data to emoncms using HTTP. It uses a python script on the same pi to fetch data from the HS110.

The perl script is based on an Enphase Envoy script originally written by Eric Sandeen. The python script is based on one originally written by Lubomir Stroetmann. I can post more details if you wish.

I’m sure there are simpler ways to do the task. I just worked with what I had at hand.

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Looks like @pb66 posted some code here for reading from Tp-link HS 110 sockets, it connects to the emonhub socket interfacer that is part of a piece of software called emonhub that is available on the emonSD SD card image, here’s the thread: Python code to read TP-Link HS110

Thanks Trystan. I hadn’t seen that thread before. It looks like it was based on the same python script I used but integrated everything in one python script. The last post in the thread looks like an interesting simpler way to do the job.