DIY BMS Stabilizing

Hi together,
have one problem. Build the new controler board and programmed it as shown in Github and Stuarts videos. Programming is working without problems. Also able to enable a wifi connection. I am able to open the DIY control screen, but do not get access to the modules. The screen on the controler boards show only “Stabilizing…” and is rebooting from while to while. It does not get any further. The green LED on the board is blinking. Any idea what could be wrong there.
Thanky, Werner

During this Stabilizing period the controller is trying to communicate with the connected modules. Do you have any modules connected to the RX/TX lines on the controller PCB?

A periodic green blink indicates that the controller is sending (or has sent) a data packet out to the modules. If you see other colors or a rapid blinks it can indicate other error conditions.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your help. Yes that seems to be the problem. I was playing around the entire day today and identified a bad contact within the module communication lines. Fixed that and now it works fine.
Thanks, Werner