Diverter firmware for emonTx3 using ESP8266 wifi module

Hi Robert, I have looked and it would be Robin’s firmware for emonTx v3.4. I found a link to that firmware half way down this thread - perhaps there is a more ‘official’ location it can be downloaded from?

Anyway, my assumption was that because there used to be separate firmware version for an emonTx using Wifi, that Robin’s design wouldn’t work with such a setup. It sounds like my assumption was wrong and the version from the link will work (assuming no power issues), which is excellent.

By the way, I got that from this form thread

The firmware running on the ESP8266 module expects data to be sent via serial in a specific format, a json like key:value string of the form: P1:100,P2:250,P3:150

The first step is to upload new firmware to support this format which can be found here:"