Diversion/monitoring advice needed

I want to divert excess Solar PV to my immersion heater EXCEPT when I plug my electric car in to charge - then I want that to take priority.

Also monitor the whole lot.

Can somebody spell out what I need to buy/build?


Welcome Freddy to the OEM forum.

If you use either Robin Emley’s or MartinR’s diverters documented here (and Robin’s is available as a kit from his website), then so long as the point where you measure the grid power is upstream (the grid side) of the takeoff for the feed to the EV, then the EV will be seen as part of the normal house load and it will seamlessly and automatically take priority.

What do you mean by that? Can you be a little more specific? Do you mean the overall use/export, PV contribution, the EV, every outgoing way on your consumer unit, or what?