Distribution of mains gas in the UK

[This arises from a comment by @glyn.hudson regarding the difficulty of testing gas meter monitoring in N.Wales where he has no mains gas supply .]

I think it is more widespread than you think The domestic energy use map of Britain | News | theguardian.com

That map neither proves nor disproves my point: there are very many hamlets, villages and small towns as well as isolated properties in large areas of rural England, Scotland and Wales apart from North Wales that do not have a mains gas supply.

Hadn’t realised that some of the blocks are quite large. Interesting map though and generally it seems the most energy is used in the well off areas which is a function of a unit price decreasing the more you use (which is way OT but I’d started this and I can’t see how to link it to a new topic once started :smile:).

Last week, I was at a friend’s house in mid-Wales. He lives in a village with a population of about 300 (I think that includes outlying farms), he does not have mains gas. However, the local town about 2 miles away, with a population of about 3000, does have mains gas. The area - a very rough estimate puts it at about 70 square miles - is shown on the Guardian map as a 10 - 15 MWh per meter (per annum?) area.
He’s in the process of moving from a farm in Scotland shown as an area at 15 - 20 MWh, but where he similarly did not have mains gas.

[He does have electricity though :grin: and he does have broadband, and it’s faster than mine here in the city .]

The map can’t be used to identify the proportion of properties in a given area with access to mains gas.
We can try to guess the national average from various other sources:
The National Grid says “Our UK distribution networks deliver gas to around 10.9 million consumers”
If we take that to mean domestic customers, and the number of UK households is 26.7 million, then roughly 2 in 5 households has a mains gas supply - and it is probably somewhat less because “consumers” could well include commercial and industrial users as well as domestic.

So Glyn is in the majority who don’t have mains gas.