Displaying multiple feeds

Hi there,

Firstly, thanks JumpMaster for making this excellent app. I use it daily, but I often find myself switching feeds as I have 4 CT sensors (whole house, heating, water heating and laundry).

I was thinking that it would be fantastic to be able to select multiple kW and multiple kWh feeds, and have the values in a stacked chart (which I see that MPAndroidChart can do).

What do you think of this? If you didn’t have time yourself but think it’s a good idea, I’d be willing to break out the rusty Android skills and have a go.

FWIW, emoncms itself doesn’t seem to support stacked charts (with more than two stacked things). The best I can do is my current dashboard:

I have whole house monitoring, why dont you try something similar.



Hi George,
I have a few code updates to multigraph to allow stacked charts (line & bar). I should be ready to submit a github PR in the next day or two. I’ll let you know when I’m done, you can then get it from my repository or wait & see if it gets accepted into the master.

Thanks Dave. That’s an awesome dashboard. I really do want to try to get stacked charts though, so I can see clearly how the various components of the power usage make up the whole each day.

Hi Sandy, that sounds amazing! Cool timing. What’s your username on Github?


Hi George,
On github, I’m also blaal02. But I just submitted PR 529 to Emoncms · GitHub.
Here’s what my dashboard looks like - this the kind of thing you were wanting?

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Very nice! Yes, something like that is definitely what I’m wanting.

I’ll probably give your implementation a go soon, unless they merge it and
release it onto emoncms.org first.

It will be fine. Stacked vis is actuall plent of bugs if you didn’t want to show kWh/d feeds. I will try it when I have some time

Doesn’t work for me. First I have to clear the browser cache to see new options but graph is alwas blank now.