Displaying emonPi data on an ePaper display

I was tweeting about a mini project I made using my new emonPi, and got asked if I’d share it here, so I did :slight_smile:

Using a PiZero with PaPiRus Zero ePaper display, I show the power consumption. A Python script is used to subscribe to the MQTT topics and retrieve the values for power1 and power2.

You can find a blog post with some pictures and the full code, here: http://frederickvandenbosch.be/?p=1888

The next step will be to mount the display on the emonPi itself, but I’ve run into some issues, as enabling SPI seems to break the UART connectivity for some reason.

Anyway, hope you like it!


This is cool,
I am curious, what is the power consumption of the device? And what refresh rate can you achieve?

Keep on going with the project!