Display Temperature in Fahrenheit


I am looking to display Fahrenheit on my Emoncms. Is there a simple guide out there? I did a search
and the topic has been brought up but did not see a step by step guide. Any help would be appreciated
Thank you

On the inputs page, include a process to do the conversion before you log the data.

I tried that and it is not showing up in Fahrenheit. Looking for a guide, do you know if one exists Thank you

What do you mean by

The maths is not converting the number, or it does not show the correct units?

The first is easy. The first two operations in the chain on the Inputs page should be
× 1.8
+ 32
then whatever other processing you already have.
(Note: NOT × input, etc)

For the second, you need to specifically state the units °F in the appropriate place.

Although I was brought up on °F, pounds and ounces, pints and gallons, most things now use metric units, which is probably why there isn’t a built-in conversion.

It is in the Edit Feed dialog @rpenalis.