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Display On/Off status over time?


I am trying to produce a graph to indicate the state of my ASHP alongside the temperature of the system and power used. The Temperature & Power Used are sorted, however, the On/Off - which I record by a variable interval data set i.e. record the time it switches on, or, off is proving more difficult. The value stored is either 0 or 1 (Off/On), I’d like to be able to plot a bar graph over time showing the status - On/Off.

Is this possible to do using the variable interval data, or, do I need to change the logging and record the status every ‘n’ minutes and plot it that way?

Any ideas/assistance gratefully received.


Hello @pentala yes you would need to log it at a regular interval for this to work. Emoncms is really built around recording data at regular intervals and wont work well with only state change records.