Display of a dashboard has to log-in

I have an emonPi that logs quite a number of readings for me.
I therefore have created dashboards that shows info in real time that is important for me and the household to see.
I have now deployed a RasberryPi, connected to my TV that will show these graphs whenver scheduled to fire up.
The issue is that I have to enter the uid and pw every time the dashboard is to be displayed to view the public dashboards.
In the Dashboard section this and other dashboards are set to be public.I thought that is all that is needed to show to whoever click on the URL (On my LAN)

Any pointers please!

What url are you using?




are both supported
and on a second one

On my PC I would enter UID and PW and save and from then it works just fine.
On this Raspberry Pi App, it is a locked down browser and no keyboard, so it goes to the login screen:


won’t work because many users could have similarly named dashboards, I know you are most likely the only user on your instance, but it is a multi-user software.

You must use the dash id with the emoncms/dashboard/view api or you can use the emoncms/username/alias api so that emoncms knows who’s “alias” dashboard you are requesting.

Thanks Paul, so how do I create such a folder in “Dashboards” and how do I move existing dashboards to that area?

That’s not needed just edit your urls to include both the username and alias or just use the dashboard ids eg


or if you have the dashboard ids

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Thanks Paul,
It works a charm!!