Display not working

Hi guys… just got to setup my charger and car with the new Octopus 6 hr tariff… to discovery that my display is no longer displaying ‘sensible’ info/data… Has been working fine for the last several weeks AFAIK.

Have opened box and reconnected connectors for the display,… ( both ends), so system has had power reset etc., this made no difference, Web UI seems to shows all working normally,… and temperature appears to be being read correctly, status seems happy.
Firmware revisions as follows:-

Any Thoughts?
Many Tx

Hi Mark,

Oh dear sorry to hear, it looks like there could be a hardware issue with the LCD. We’ll include a replacement LCD with your latest order.

Thanks Glynn,… That’s perfect…
P.S. LCD has connector for temperature monitor…

The replacement will have the same connector for the temperature sensor.

Tx Glyn