Disable login at emoncms web frontend

Hi there,
I’m using emoncms low-write 11.3.0 in my private lan. I’m trying to disable the log-in so that a password is not longer required. Where can I disable the login?

Thanks in advance

I’ve been thinking about this too. I’ve aquired another old Androind tablet, striped of all extra updates, just a fresh copy of Firefox (well that latest that’ll run on that old version of Android), it’s now a dedicated EmonCMS display. Tap the power button and there’s my main dashboard. Excellent, except every few days it stops working. Well, the dash stops updating, as the session seems to have expired, so I need to refresh and then log in again, then click Dashboards, then Main dash.

Is there a way to disable logins without making everthing pubic?
Or is there a way to extend the timeout to say a month?
And is there a way to default the display to a certain dashboard rather than the feeds?

At least one thing I can help. You can call Dashboard direct: like


id is the dashboard number, you’ll see it in the browser adress field. You can set the dashboard as Public in the Dashboard Configuration.

Hi Hans, jumping direct to the dash without logging in gives me the dash, but all the dials/gauges/widgets are zero. Not much use. I guess all those need to be made public too.

Not that I’ve ever needed to do it, but I believe this is correct - and the Feeds too.

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