Din rail voltage sensor

I have the voltage sensor plugged in a socket in my board. Is there any chance to use a din rail one? If yes which one do you suggest?
Thank you

I am not aware that a suitable device is available. DIN rail mounting is extremely rare in UK Consumer Units.

I have measured, therefore we know the properties of, the UK a.c. adapter from “the shop” - the important things to check at the open-circuit output voltage, which needs to be around 12 V a.c. but not significantly more (our a.c. adapter is 9 V a.c. at full load, and about 12 V - depending on the version - at no-load), the phase error needs to be reasonably small and it should not distort the mains waveform.

A DIN-rail mounting bell transformer is likely to be designed down to a size and a price which means that it may not perform adequately in all respects. Even if you do find one, you will almost certainly need to recalibrate your emonPi for voltage and phase.

thank you for your reply