Different version number showing locally and on emoncms.org

Good morning all,

I have updated by EmonHP to the latest release and when I log in locally this is reflected in the version number at the bottom of the page.

When reviewing my system from the app on Emoncom.org I see this is showing version 11.1.0 in the footer. I also see other customers vary from having a recent version number to quite a few having 11.1.0

I assume this is due to the cloud system still running the 11.1.0 release or possibly a piece of code that needs to be given some love but was just interested to know why this was the case.

Thanks :slight_smile:
footer old version

Your local emonCMS and emoncms.org are almost always different versions. In general, changes and enhancements first appear in the ‘local’ version, and only later (if at all) migrate to emoncms.org. It’s not feasible to incorporate some of the features found in the local version into emoncms.org simply because this is by its very nature a large multi-user system.

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