Different GPIO / TTY

Hi folks, I am planning to run various things on one Raspberry Pi with an SSD, so I am looking at running Fedora as a “host distro”, and the different things as Docker containers, including emonCMS and a new container for emonhub. Something I noticed a year or two ago is that I can’t boot Fedora on the Pi when the RFM69Pi is attached, which we worked out is because it’s typing junk into the serial port that Fedora’s uboot is using for its serial console at boot time. Is it possible to either physically move the RFM69Pi onto a different TTY or is it simply a matter of remapping the GPIOs with devicetree so that it appears as ACM1? Or should I see first if the uboot/etc can be moved to ACM1 and that might go a little more smoothly?

Hello @ramcq Im afraid Im not sure what the answer is to this, I think you might have a more in-depth understanding of linux serial ports than we have here in the core team :slight_smile: We are just using ttyACM0 as it is the standard available port on Pi GPIO. I did try to get a software serial solution working a couple of weeks back so that I could attached multiple serial devices to the GPIO pins but no luck unfortunately and I realised I could solve the problem another way.