Difference between CT sensors and SmartMeter?

(Greg) #1

I am starting to figure out what is needed to monitor a panel and sub-panel.

Right now I’m pulling net energy data using an Eagle-200 via ZigBee from the PG&E SmartMeter. Its net because I have a solar PV system.

Anyway, has anyone seen any differences between the data pulled directly from the meter versus CT sensors on the mains?

I’m in California, USA.

Thank you

(Robert Wall) #2

Apart from the obvious, viz. your smart meter is by definition 100% accurate (even if it’s not, in reality) and there will be component tolerances that affect analogue measurements via a c.t, then a lot depends on how the meter is programmed, and what it ignores. And the meter manufacturers and suppliers tend to be very tight-lipped about that.