Deye Hybrid Inverter API communication

Hello all.
I’m considering the purchase of a Deye SUN-6K-SG03LP1-EU and one Pylontech 5000 to add to my current solar system.
Using EmonCMS, a modified version of EmonPI
(HW and FW designed/modified by me), an Go-E EV charger and two grid tied solar inverters, I’m already diverting most of the energy to the water heater, my KIA EV6 and occasionally some crypto mining.
Does anyone have the API manual for Deye inverters, so I could fetch data from it and also change configurations on-the-fly so I can add the diversion of energy to the Pylontech battery using my own priorities?
I don’t want the inverter to send any data to outside of my home network.

Thanks in advance.

I think Deye inverters are the same as Sunsynk - take a look at this link to a set of nodered flows for reading data from the inverter and writing settings → SunSynk - Inverter Monitoring - Inverters - Power Forum - Renewable Energy Discussion. I think the modbus manual is referenced from these pages. I’ve used parts of this to get readings from the inverter in a nodered flow which then sends the data to a local emoncms server with the emoncms nodes in nodered.

The forum has some great content.


Getting a sunsynk installed soon and the following looks like the easiest way to manage in HA but as esphome can manage by its own web interface:

The modbus docs are in that repo but it was easy enough to find a fully English one with Google searching for sunsynk?

Thank you.
I downloaded the SunSynk manual and it is very similar to the Deye one, it even seems to be a bit more complete.
I didn’t search yet for the API manuals (with the search based on SunSynk), but I will do when I have more time. In the meantime, if someone have direct link to those, please post them here. (the attachments in the page that @Bramco shared are unavailable)

Not sure what you’re talking about. The nodered flows and the document for the modbus registers are in the first post that the link points to. See below for a screen shot of that 1st post with the two downloads.

The flows allow you to do exactly what you say you want to do. The document sets out what each of the registers does.

The link that @meatballs posted looks as if it does the same but with ESPHome. They both work with HA but if you don’t want to use HA, it’s quite easy to take the flows from the link I posted and extract the bits you need. We’re only interested in grid import and export, solar production and the battery SoC, so that’s all that’s in the flows for our dsashboard.

Hello @Bramco.

Thank you for your reply.
This is what I meant:


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