Device Module and virtual feeds


I have new pulse counter device I need to connect to my local emoncms (Version 9.31 | 2016.02.13).
Manual input & virtual feed configuration works fine. Now I would like to create Device Setup for autoconfiguration for inputs and feeds. Inputs and basic log to feed works fine, but I’m not able to get the Virtual Feeds to work. When I check the feeds from Setup->Feeds Virtual feeds I try to create are there listed but there is nothing on Process List.
In Database feeds-table the ProcessList-field is NULL.
Process list I try to create is just scaling the pulse count to kWh or in case of water meter m^3.

I tried the demonstration device setup that was as example and i didn’t see the Process List in that configuration and the feeds-table ProcessList-field is also NULL

Can someone confirm that virtual feeds are configured with Device Setup correctly in emoncms version 9.31 so that I can start to debug my changes on my local emoncms.

btw, is there easy way to recreate emoncms database. I’ve been testing numerous inputs and feeds and the database index for inputs and feeds is getting large and i thought i saw in code somewhere feed or input max limiter. Or am I wrong?