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Development of new product on Brillo/Weave platform

We are developing a connected heat pump and thermal storage system, for which we need to develop (at the prototype stage) monitoring of thermocouples, pulsed output heat meters and electricity meters. I think we might need too many channels to make this viable through Open Energy Monitor but would be happy to be contradicted (about 7 pulsed outputs and 20+ temperatures) but that’s not the real purpose of this post.

For the working model, we need to monitor various parameters and control the system on the basis of their values, while reporting performance back to a central server and allowing upgrades over the net, all with excellent security, reporting etc. We are minded to build the system on Brillo, as it seems likely to be the leading IoT platform and we’re more Android people than Apple. But… I can’t find a way into Brillo at all. From what I can see, it will sit on an Edison board and the actual code is in C/C++ but whenever I have asked for an invitation from the Brillo website, it just disappears into a black hole.

If anyone reading this can help, please can you get in touch? As you’ll no doubt already have gleaned, I’m not a developer. I am more than happy to be told that all of the above is nonsense and that actually what we should be doing is something completely different. I can tell you what we want to do but we need someone to tell us how to do it.

If anyone is interested in working with us on this project, who understands how to do what we want, or can explain why it isn’t really what we want, please contact Duncan Oswald at Ecodyn.




I replied to you via email at Ecodyn.

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curious what your trying to achieve- i am doing something like this though I built every thing from scratch. as mine monitors my heat pump cold side and hot side plus the thermal storage in and out from heat pump and evacuated solar tube . I use mine to calculate COP on the fly for my heat pump how much heat is removed from the thermal storage for heating purpose . i just have two module transmitting MQTT to a orange pi and that data stored and displayed .
so by example i have emontx shield and a two. temperature sensors and one flow meter. then i have a second ardunio doing the same to the cold side of the heat pump and the heat leaving the thermal storage plus the thermal energy coming from the evacuate solar collectors…( 6 thermo sensors and 3 flow meters) also sending MQTT to orange pi-- but I am adjusting my project currently to create a type of MPPT for my heat pump and thermal solar collectors. where it will adjust the pump speeds and pathways . to try to squeeze as much energy out my equipment as possible