Developing emonHub Interfacers?

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4Gb) with a Packom M-Bus Master Hat running the latest EmonSD. The M-Bus Interfacer is capturing data from an Itron CF Echo II heat meter.

Bluetooth is working on the mini UART and data can be captured using the RuuviTag Sensor Python Package using the Get sensor data synchronously with callback example.

Data from MELCloud can be captured using the MELCloud Python Package.

Data should also be available from electrical energy meters using rayleighconnect Easy API which has a ready to use Python library.

I suspect the next step is to develop emonHub Interfacers for the RuuviTags, MELCloud and Easy API.

How are emonHub Interfacers developed?

Should I start with a fork of the emonhub repository?

Is there a template for Interfacers that pull data from an API which could be used for MELCloud and Easy API?

RuuviTags are broadcast devices that push data at regular intervals. Is there a template for that style of Interfacer?

All advice gratefully received.

Yes, that is always the best way. Then create your own branch - one for each interfacer I suggest.

@TrystanLea or @glyn.hudson will be best placed to answer that and the other question.

I did do some work on one a while back (the Pulse Interfacer) - the thing that caught me out initially is needing to add it to the list of interfacers somewhere.

I suspect the BMW and JLR ones are API based.

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Hello @JohnConnett this might be a useful interfacer example, it makes a http request to the local solax inverter api in this case and decodes the result Comparing master...solax_hybridx · openenergymonitor/emonhub · GitHub I still havent merged this one into the main branch

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