Develop a customized energy monitoring application

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to develop my own energy monitoring app with possibly the ability to control inverters and other features I’d like to test.

I’ve seen that some people have developed their own apps based on EmonCMS like the SERC Energy Monitoring Android App. And @TrystanLea even made a tutorial for it according to this thread but the links don’t work.

I have some programming basics but not for Android / iOS app development. Do you have any recommendations for getting started on this project? What tools should I use? Do you have any examples? How do I make the link between the application and emonTx? Is Xamarin a good choice?

Thank you in advance for your answers

I think I’ll use React Native starting from an existing dashboard template to be able to display the emonBase data afterwards.

Hello @QuentinPlsn

Sounds like a good plan. I cant seem to find that original tutorial now either, though it’s probably too old to be useful and it would be best to use something like react native as you suggest. Quasar might be another interesting framework to try

The code for the Emoncms Android app is also available here:

Hello @TrystanLea thanks for your reply! I’ve started using React Native which is pretty quick to get started with for GUI creation.

The problem I’m trying to solve is reading data from the emonBase. I’ve seen a few tutorials that get a React Native mobile app to communicate with AWS. The fact that I can follow videos or articles reassures me, but I imagine it’s possible to do the same thing with I bought the hardware from the store. That would be a bit more coherent.

Which parts of the code handle communication with in the Android application you’ve just sent me?

Hello @QuentinPlsn

Once you have some data in your emoncms account either self hosted on AWS or on I would suggest looking at the feed API help page accessible from the emoncms feeds page for examples on accessing the data. Another good technique to create API call examples is to open the emoncms graph page, load the data in the format that you are after and then look at the underlying API calls using the browser developer console Network option.

The read and write apikey’s are used for authentication. Append &apikey=APIKEY_READ to the end of the request.

You can also request the APIKEY’s using the emoncms/user/auth.json API (with username and password as post fields).