Design a separate display to show "dashboard" type data

With all the data available from the emonpi and emontx, I was wondering if there is interest in designing a standalone display that would act as a dashboard for the system.

I appreciate that there is truckloads of info available in emoncms and on the mobile app, but in terms of driving behavioral change, and engaging the user, a dashboard type screen, placed in a strategic location in the house/building.

Ideally low power, potentially working on rechargeable batteries, perhaps with a motion sensor which activates the display.

The idea is that the display would cycle through the main data provided from the various systems.

I suppose that a raspberry pi zero with a 7 inch screen, linked to emonCMS could be a starting point but since you people bowl me over with your love of designing circuits, I though Iā€™d throw the idea out there.

Many thanks / Colm


there is a thread linked here

which shows the unit I put together using info further up the thread and changing the code a little bit (the code is on my github page) Hope this may give you the info you need. The screen is touch so you could program multiple screens that could be selected from some touch buttons


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