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Design a logo for diyBMS

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas!

Over the past few months this project has really gained in popularity, and as such I’d like to give the system a bit more of a professional “polish”, therefore do we have any budding graphic design people on these forums who would like a go at making a new logo for the system?

I’d be using it on the web interface, and also on YouTube etc.

This is the current one, which was just a combination of royalty free images.



Hi @stuart , would you upload this logo in a bit higher resolution or as vector file in here? I would like to place it on my installation, if its OK with you.

/ Chris

Hello, unfortunately I do t have a higher resolution image of that.

@stuart Would you like me to have a go at tracing it, then tidy it up, and produce a .SVG file?

(I’ve got to say, on close inspection – that p.c.b. would never workrotfl )

[Edit - it’s done and with Stuart.] (5.7 KB)

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@Robert.Wall great job, thats something to work with :wink:
Thank you very much.