Design a logo for diyBMS

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas!

Over the past few months this project has really gained in popularity, and as such I’d like to give the system a bit more of a professional “polish”, therefore do we have any budding graphic design people on these forums who would like a go at making a new logo for the system?

I’d be using it on the web interface, and also on YouTube etc.

This is the current one, which was just a combination of royalty free images.



Hi @stuart , would you upload this logo in a bit higher resolution or as vector file in here? I would like to place it on my installation, if its OK with you.

/ Chris

Hello, unfortunately I do t have a higher resolution image of that.

@stuart Would you like me to have a go at tracing it, then tidy it up, and produce a .SVG file?

(I’ve got to say, on close inspection – that p.c.b. would never workrotfl )

[Edit - it’s done and with Stuart.] (5.7 KB)

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@Robert.Wall great job, thats something to work with :wink:
Thank you very much.

Happy new 2022!! I recent discover this treat 2 years later, i just make a smart idea of a “logo” if maybe you want to change it. diyBMS is not a logo himself, because is an abreviaton of few words and can be used by any other comercial project, but, as it is, i have made logo with two ideas. The first, is the idea of daytime, form night to night represented by he colors and in the centrer, the charge of baterry from sun, that is in the center os two words between yellow color and before nigth comes, (BMS). Y only use a rectangle and circle to create them, and since it is a lot of people work i use common +,- simbols to generate a fun guy in the center of “M” word. The result is an fun and enjoyable image, like i want to imagine any open source project. Finaly diy it`s build as a “meccano” project. i hope you enjoy @stuart.

Captura de pantalla 2022-01-04 a las 13.34.15

sun travel diagram idea
Captura de pantalla 2022-01-04 a las 13.34.21

Wow, thanks for taking the time to do this.

I like it! Would it scale down to the size needed for the TFT display? How about a smaller size for the web admin console?

:slight_smile: yeah, sure, i will finish smart guideline and of course *.svg files

It will likely be for a dark background - black or dark grey if that helps.

Sure, you can use these versions and alternatives as you want.

i can export both PNG and SVG and you can uso or transform as you want, download the zip with the files (346.4 KB)

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