Demandshaper - where are the files?

On my PI SD card image which I downloaded from here recently, there is a folder


This contains the PHP code for demandshaper - if I look inside demandshaper_model.php

Its looking for a folder which doesn’t exist - $this->dir."/demandshaper/devices";

I can see the files on GITHUB - demandshaper/devices at master · emoncms/demandshaper · GitHub
but they are not on my SD card image.

I’ve done an update through the web interface, and it reports its the latest version.

What am I missing!?!

     * Scan for supported device types
     * e.g: smartplug, wifirelay etc.
    public function device_class_scan() {
        // Scan and auto load device classes
        $device_class_list = array();
        $devices_dir = $this->dir."/demandshaper/devices";
        $dir = scandir($devices_dir);
        for ($i=2; $i<count($dir); $i++) {
            $name_ext = explode(".",$dir[$i]);
            if (count($name_ext)==2) {
                if ($name_ext[1]=="php") $device_class_list[] = $name_ext[0];
        return $device_class_list;

Answered my own post, looks like they are in…


All of OEM was moved into opt/... with the July update, and the documentation hadn’t caught up when I last looked.