Demandshaper not turning off

When charging my Nissan Leaf using Demandshaper set to timed with ok to interrupt on, the program that demandshaper recommends is followed but when the last interval is starred it just keeps going until the car is at 100%. Is this a bug or just something simple in the settings that I’ve misinterpreted.

The timer is off in openEVSE incase anyone thought that might be the cause.

I think it’s to do with having, allow to interrupt on. As there is discussion about a similar issue with Sonof smart plugs.

You might want to tag this with the demandshaper tag so that it gets seen.

It sounds like a bug, so an alternative is reporting it at Issues · emoncms/demandshaper · GitHub.

I don’t think there is a tag?

Thanks @Rjallan21 looks like this is a bug. I’ve created an issue here to keep track of it Demandshaper not turning off when using 'ok to interrupt' · Issue #47 · emoncms/demandshaper · GitHub.

The ‘ok to interrupt’ setting does seem buggy at the moment, I have it turned off all the time here. I need to re-look at the implementation for this mode.

Ok thanks for letting me know. I’ve been using it without interrupt and it’s saved me doing my own calculation each night when charging the car. Thanks for posting to github as it’s not something I’m that good with.

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