Demand Shaper - Octopus agile tariffs not showing?

I’ve just installed the demand shaper on emonpi after switching over to Octopus Agile.

Do I need to do anything to get the tariff to come through? Other tariffs do show, but Octopus Agile seems to be fixed at around 12p per kWh

I’m afraid Demand Shaper is not supported by the current OpenEVSE WiFi V4.x firmware and it not currently being developed or maintained.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been on a TOU tariff until now so was just using the openevse timer functionality and PV divert.

What are people doing with smart tariffs?

I have HomeAssistant & NodeRed so I’ll research the Agile integrations and see if I can get HA to switch OpenEvse charging on and off.